Floral Wire on Wooden Stick

Wire diameter: 0.2-0.9mm in metric unit and in wire gauge:
SWG 30, SWG29, SWG28, SWG27, SWG26, SWG25, SWG24, SWG23, SWG22, SWG21

Colors available: Red, green, black, purple, blue, more

Uses and features: Bright color, for easy carry and uses in floral tying, Christmas gifts making and tying.

Materials: Annealed wire, galvanized wire, lacquered wire

Weight: 50g/pc;100g/pc

Package:20pcs/plastic bag,10bags/carton ,5pc/box; 10boxes/carton

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Company Name: Greenden Florist Wire Factory
Contact Person: liu hai
Address: 5 Dongfanghong Road, Dezhou, China
Telephone: 86-534-2511470
Fax: 86-534-2511470
E-mail: greenwire@yahoo.cn
Website: http://greenwire.ietrade.com.cn      http://www.floralwire.org 

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